The South African Automotive Yearbook, 14th edition, 2013, is here!


We are pleased, and proud, to announce that the 14th edition of the South African Automotive Yearbook (SAAY) has been published and is now available for purchase and download, in PDF format, at →

 A wealth of reference, data and statistical detail on the South African automotive sector, the SAAY is:

  • of great value for reference through corporate networks and enhances the competitive position of South African companies by keeping them abreast of local and international developments whilst promoting the South African motor industry to its various target audiences locally and internationally.
  • of value as a platform for corporates peripheral to the motor industry, who wish to do business providing professional services to this leading industry
  • a tool to create international awareness of the strengths of the industry as a reliable, sophisticated global supplier
  • a true industry-wide initiative with government, private sector and institutional participation
  • an example of how the various communities, metal industries, component manufacturers, vehicle assemblers, retail and research organisations and others, are collaborating to position South Africa as a global resource of excellence for automotive industry products and facilities
  • a vehicle which offers information to investors and potential buyers
  • can be used for promotional purposes at trade shows, conferences, exhibitions, etc.

The SAAY is the established market leader and remains unique as a comprehensive South African motor industry reference work offering consolidated contact, technical, production, logistical and marketing-related industry information and statistics embracing the entire supply chain from raw materials through to components, vehicle assembly, distribution and the aftermarket.

Networking and Relationships

Throughout its 17 year history, the SAAY has a track record of establishing excellent relationships with all key players in the industry, who recognise its integrity and credibility.  It is known both nationally and globally.