Change: life’s constant…

Sometimes it’s forced upon you and adapting is made all the more difficult ¬†because it’s unwanted. The change that’s occurring in our lives right now is planned by us and is significantly more palatable.

We are in the midst of a family move to Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape. Make no mistake, it’s a mammoth exercise and the upheaval is enormous. Unless you have been ruthless, and organised, throughout the years in your home, the accumulation of unnecessary clutter is disturbing on many levels. Depending on your personality type, getting rid of it may prove to be a stressful event on its own.

Nevertheless, it’s a good opportunity to de-clutter whilst at the same time laying the foundation for a less stressful and simpler lifestyle. As a family, the Eastern Cape has been an integral part of lives, going back generations, and it is a natural progression in our life’s journey that we make our way back there, seeking the comfort of memories past and the simplicity of small town South Africa.

Balgair Media will continue to operate on the same basis as we did in Durban and our recent expansion into other forms of media, such as photography, will be given the opportunity to grow. With the new Motorsport season almost upon us we will be on hand at events locally, regionally and nationally to capture the action and bring you immediate, quality and cost effective media in digital format. Printed media in standard photographic format as well as wide format and canvas will be added to our offering in the second quarter of 2013.

We look forward to 2013 with unabashed vigour and welcome the challenges and the opportunities that the year will no doubt place at our door. We wish all of our customers the very best for 2013 as well as the strength and perseverance to face life’s constant….CHANGE!