Balgair Publications is now Balgair Media

Building on a successful formula….

Lynn founded Balgair Publications some 16 years ago and built it into an valuable contributor to the motor industry through it’s industry respected publications, the NAACAM Directory and the South African Automotive Yearbook. Her success, and essentially that of Balgair Publications, has been forged through her dedication and commitment to producing quality and relevant industry focused publications, together with the strong relationships she has forged throughout the industry.

As a family we have been involved in the industry in excess of 2 decades and, having recently sold Customizing Centre, our other family business, we all recognised the opportunity to build on Lynn’s success and expand Balgair Publications.

Thus the re-branding of Balgair Publications to Balgair Media. Our vision is to supplement our existing publications with the inclusion of photography, focusing on the automotive industry, motorsport, lifestyle and events. Brett has been afforded accreditation by Motorsport South Africa, allowing us to bring to the industry, media, organisations and the public, the latest photographs of local, regional and national motorsport events. Lifestyle photography will include the supply of wide format printed photographs on paper and canvas, produced on our own wide format printer.

We look forward to supporting our existing clients, as well new ones, with our new services. As has become the norm with our publications, we aim to be regarded for a quality product which serves and exceeds the expectation of all of our clients.

We welcome your feedback, advice and constructive criticism and look forward to a stronger and increased presence both within and outside of the automotive industry.

  1. Tanya MortonTanya Morton10-02-2012

    Well done Brett on your new website, I think the photos that you have taken so far are excellent. I will look forward to seeing how that website evolves. I am proud on you.